Thursday, April 28, 2016


Most of my adult years I have had headaches. Some a lot worse than others. One of the doctors I went to ordered an MRI head scan. I was dumbstruck when I found out the results. Away I went to a specialist that dealt in these matters. I was told I had a tumor on my brain. The type I have is very rare, thankfully everything is alright. The specialist told me he thought I was born with it and showed me on my head where the tumor is. There was nothing surrounding it so he said I would be fine.
My headaches are from allergies and sinus.
(photo above courtesy of public domain)


  1. Good to hear that it was not a problem with the tumor and that you did find a cause for your headaches.


  2. Thea, I remember when you told me about that. I bet you were scared at first until they told you not to worry about it.

    I think all of us suffer from sinus and allergies. Sigh.



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