Thursday, September 21, 2017

Well here I am....found out if I pull the table over by the entry of the room and the window I have internet. Too bad it took me so long to figure this one out. I naturally thought to set the laptop on the desk in here. Anyway, I am putting in a couple pictures for you to see. (I have not taken one of the bad yet because they make them a special way when they change things every three days. Then I will snap a shot.) Please remember this is a handicapped room. Everything is cramped in. I had to ask for the table and chairs. The bathroom is called a roll in shower. I like it. They have a regular shower head just above the hand held one. I could not fit it into the picture. I can bathe the dog so easily this way. LOL. There is also a microwave, fridge with a small freezer, ironing board and iron, coffee maker and blow dryer. Since I have been here I have gotten the new fridge/freezer and a full coffee maker. They only had a one cup one in here before. (The first fridge did not have a freezer and I had to keep going down to the office each day to get the blue ice for Mike's lunch box out of their freezer.)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Update here:

Still working on this issue. I am down to the office right now using their connection. Don't give up on me just yet. LOL

Friday, September 15, 2017

Quick update here:

They are working on the internet here putting in a new service. I am lucky to get on right now. I hope it is fixed soon. It is hard not getting on line each day.
More on this later I hope........Take care all.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Here we go again!

Bright and early in the morning Hubby and I are going to drive to Pennsylvania. His next job is there. We already have reservations at a hotel until we can find a kitchenette somewhere. We think this job will last for quite some time. We are also hoping to come back home for Thanksgiving and restock on clothes. This is the time of year where it is cool in the mornings and at nightfall but warm during the day. It is hard to know what to wear.

I will post pictures here as I get them. We are suppose to have Wifi but I don't know how good that is yet in the area.
 Wish us luck!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

You ever feel like just being silly? I was in Walmart this morning and stopped the coca cola guy in there and asked if he had done anything really silly today. Of course he looked at me like I was nuts. I put this head on and he took my picture with my phone camera. He had a good laugh afterwards. It never hurts to laugh.