Friday, April 15, 2016


My mother has always taken care of someone her whole life. We grew up on a share croppers farm in Texas. There were seven of us siblings. My mother somehow always performed her magic at meal times to stretch things as far as she could to feed all of us. Daddy's eye sight failed as the years went by. Once again my mother was care giver.

As the years went by and after daddy had passed she moved in with one of my sisters. Mama wanted the company but also wanted to be there for my sister. She had inherited the diabetes from our father.

Now in later years our mother has developed dementia. I am always asking why? This woman took care of someone her whole life. Two of my sisters brought her for a visit a few years ago. That's where this photo was taken. We were playing "chicken foot". A game that is played with dominoes. Considering her state of mind she did very well and had fun.


  1. Its hard not to ask "why" especially when a loved one is afflicted with so much during life. Hubby's mom was a special education school teacher, very smart, and she developed dementia. Sad to see how she struggled with things that were so routine before.

    I think playing games like you did with your mom during her visit is a good thing. Interactive and maybe challenging for the brain, but not too challenging.


  2. Since I made this post our mother is in critical condition in the hospital. It is so sad to see her smiling when right now she is comatose. Keep her in your prayers please that she comes out in the end alright.
    Thank you for your reply.

  3. Thea,

    What a nice post about Mama. That's a great pic of her too. I hope all of us can see her smiling like that again someday.

    I ask myself the same thing. Our poor mother has been through so much and always thinking of others first. It doesn't seem fair but then no one ever said life would be.


  4. I will think good thoughts about your mom and hope she gets better.

  5. This is very touching. I'm sorry to hear about all that you've been through.


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