Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Vertigo is a very nasty thing to have. I was diagnosed with it a few years back.  I woke up in the night and when I opened my eyes the room went completely upside down.
My husband took me to the emergency room. I was given medication to be followed up by a specialist. The specialist spoke with me and we narrowed down the list of why this was happening. The final verdict was being misdiagnosed when I had a sinus infection. It evidently was a viral infection instead and by not treating it properly I will now have bouts of vertigo for the rest of my life. The specialist did recommend certain exercises to help me and they do work most of the time along with medication.
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  1. That "sucks" with the vertigo. I hear it is something that people "can't get rid of" but glad that the medication and exercises are helping a bit!


  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I too have vertigo, but I don't understand about the medication. I was sent to the University of Chicago downtown & they said everyone has these crystals in their head and they are contained. Sometimes they get out which causes Vertigo. For example: When I sit up from sleeping the room swirls and I have to wait until it stops spinning before I can get up. If I turn my head to fast same thing... etc. I have exercises also he said it was to put them all back (the crystals), and if ever it happens that's what I should do... is my exercises. One that really helps is Laying down on the bed with a pillow under my shoulders. First on my right side in a sitting up position lay down really fast almost in a fall and wait until the room stops spinning & do this on your back & left side. This works for me and I truly hope it works for you too my friend. Hugs and have a great week. I'm now following you. Hope you can stop by again some time and do the same.

  3. Thea,

    I should have known your V would be about vertigo. I've never heard of the crystals in your head as Marie above mentions. I was told mine was caused by hairs in your ears that regulate your equilibrium. If you get too much fluid on the hairs, you get dizzy. That's why I have to take a water pill daily.

    Now I'm going to have to look up crystals in your head.



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