Saturday, May 20, 2017

Remodeling.....It sounds exciting for someone when the job is done, doesn't it? Well, in a past post I have told you how we finally sold my mother in laws house. The people that bought it is a young couple. They are very nice. With that being said, let me tell you what they are doing with the house. My hubby and I didn't want to see the place torn down but it was badly in need of repair. We got lucky. This couple is completely re-gutting the home. The only thing they are not replacing is the shell of the house. Here is one of the rooms they have gutted out. I will show you the before and now the torn out version. I can't wait to see what the finished product will be. The young woman has told me her plans for it and I will take pictures as they go. The picture below is when we were removing everything from the home right before it was sold. ( More on all of this again later.....)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Job Hunting

First of all I do not have a specialized skill. It has been so many years since I worked out of the home except to clean houses. I am almost 60 and to think I have no specialized skill at this point is so sad. I sat down a couple weeks ago and started job searches on the internet.

My trouble is I have no resume because the places I have worked for in the past no longer exist.

I have dived into the classifieds to see what is available for a no skilled person. Also on the internet.

What a joke that has been. All you get is telemarketers calling at all hours for something you never signed up for! 
I am very discouraged at this point but will continue to search for something.

This morning I had an interview with an older couple to clean their home. It looks like this will be my answer for now.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I just love this little fellow. He really is my protector, following me around constantly until he just gets pooped and has to take a power nap. We have had many dogs over the years but this guy is happy all the time. As soon as he opens his eyes he wags his tail. I swear he talks to me when it is food time or for going out for his business, even when he wants me to play with his toys.I can only hope and pray he is with us for a very long time. Below are two of his favorites.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Series Description

This 1957 version of the Zorro TV show was a 30 minute adventure action series on ABC about "the other masked man". Like the Lone Ranger, Don Diego Del la Vega dons his mask (and cape) and becomes "Zorro", defender of the weak and downtrodden from the corrupt government officials in 1820s California. One of the few shows that had action without getting overly violent.
A great family adventure series!

Zorro Cast

Guy Williams .............. Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro
Henry Calvin .............. Sergeant Demetrio Lopez Garcia
George J. Lewis ........... Don Alejandro De La Vega
Gene Sheldon .............. Bernardo

Saturday, April 29, 2017

You Bet Your Life

Series Description

You Bet Your Life was actually two programs in one. First, Groucho Marx would "interview" two contestants by asking them questions about their lives. Groucho was truly a master at finding a joke somewhere in just about every answer they gave. After the "joking around" portion of the program, the quiz show would begin. The contestants could win money by correctly answering trivia questions. This process would continue with more pairs of contestants and the pair that won the most money would get a bonus round.

You Bet Your Life Cast

Groucho Marx ........ Host
George Fenneman ..... Announcer
Marilyn Burtis ...... Secret Word Girl

Friday, April 28, 2017

The X-Files

Series Description

The X-Files was a 60 minute sci-fi series on the FOX Network. It was about a man and a woman who worked together as investigators for the FBI. Their cases were typically ones that involved strange happenings that were impossible to explain. Special Agent Fox Mulder usually felt that the cause involved the paranormal or aliens from outer space and his partner Special Agent Dana Scully played the skeptic who usually couldn't explain their cases in any other way no matter how hard she tried.

The X-Files Cast

David Duchovny ....... Special Agent Fox William Mulder
Gillian Anderson ..... Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully
William B. Davis ..... Spender, The Cigarette-Smoking Man
Mitch Pileggi ........ Assistant Director Walter Sergei Skinner (1994-2002)
Tom Braidwood ........ Melvin Frohike (1994-2002)
Dean Haglund ......... Ringo Langly (1994-2002)
Bruce Harwood ........ John Fitzgerald Byers (1994-2002)
Nicholas Lea ......... Alex Krycek (1994-2002)
Sheila Larken ........ Margaret Scully (1994-2002)
Steven Williams ...... Mr. X (1994-2002)
Chris Owens .......... Special Agent Jeffrey Spender (1996-2002)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wagon Train

Series Description

Wagon Train was a 60 minute (90 minutes in season 7 only) western action series on NBC for its first five seasons and on ABC thereafter. It told the stories of pioneers travelling through the unsettled territories to reach California. Along the way they encountered "wild" Indians, cattle rustlers, con men, blizzards in the mountains, running out of water in the desert and every other hazard you can imagine. The series also often explored the motivations that caused average people to leave civilization for the unknown lives they would find in the Western United States!

Wagon Train Cast

Ward Bond .......... Major Seth Adams
John McIntire ...... Christopher Hale
Robert Horton ...... Flint McCullough
Terry Wilson ....... Bill Hawks
Frank McGrath ...... Charlie Wooster
Denny Miller ....... Duke Shannon
Robert Fuller ...... Cooper Smith
Michael Burns ...... Barnaby West