Friday, January 26, 2018

More Ramblings From Room #115

It is gorgeous out there today! Our snow is almost gone now. The weather man swears we have one month left of winter even though the natives here say that is not true.

I have been able to wrote a little on my next novel. It is slow going but still coming along nicely. This next one if I did not mention it before is a Western with a bit of mystery in it as well. After my first book being a child's fantasy, I wanted to see if I could change genres. So far, so good.

My Andy is still under the weather. I have rescheduled his grooming several times now. The groomer we have been using went on vacation for two weeks to Florida. When she got back we had to reschedule again due to illness. Poor Andy, his fur is so thick. I am thinking maybe that is why he doesn't feel so great.

My hubby came down with some sort of bug. Thankfully the doctor we had prescribed us both antibiotics before we left to go out of state. The prescription Mike has is very strong. 875 mg per capsule and taking it two times a day. He couldn't take it any longer than two days because it upset his stomach so bad. But the good news is he got a lot better fast. Now is that lingering cough.

I had to have the mattress changed in our room. The other one was quite worn out and just kept getting worse. The one thing about this place is the way they do their best to work with you. I have made friends and will miss them when this job comes to an end. I will stay in touch with a few of them. They are added in my phone. I am not sure where the next job will be yet. I just will be glad to get back into the short and sandal weather. Ha!

Friday, January 19, 2018

We are still here in Danville, Pennsylvania for work. This hotel room gets smaller each week. I now have a double burner in here with me to cut the cost of buying out all the time. That is just way too expensive.

Someone has been ill here it seems like continuously. My poor little Andy is sick again. Thankfully not as sick as the first time but I do have a call in at the animal hospital we used last time.

Someone finally called about an available apartment if we were interested. We have been in the hotel room for four and a half months and counting. I don't think we will be here long enough to sign a lease now. The room does seem to get smaller and smaller as the weeks go by though.

Here's my sick little boy.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year All! Can you believe it is 2018 already? The time sure flies. We have been in the hotel room for over 4 months now. I think i have the floor tile imprinted on my brain at this point. Ha!

There are so many nice people here. I have gone around and gotten pictures of them for a keepsake. Some I have on Facebook and the one gal I really like is in my contact list on my phone. However there is an exception here. One woman I just can't get along with.  I hear she doesn't like it because we should be in building number two with all the other travelers. I didn't ask to be in building one. I was assigned that when I made the reservations months ago. I have always gotten along with anyone generally I come in contact with but this one. I am trying to keep my cool about it all but she does try my patience. And to think she has worked at the front desk for years. Oh my! She is definitely not a people person. It is sad too. We could have been friends as well.

Sorry I never got on here for Christmas. The WiFi in this room is to be desired. We ended up staying here and not going home. Mike only had two days off and one was Christmas. Same with New Years. Right now the poor man is getting over a horrible head cold. The place he works in is about 15 degrees cooler than outside. We are one of those states that has had that really bad cold snap. And we still are. It got up to 13 degrees today. We do have snow on the ground. About two inches while others got feet. It could be worse.

I hope to post more in the new year. Be safe out there if you travel.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Trials of Room 115

You just would not believe what all has happened since Thanksgiving. Let me try to wrap it up as easy as possible:

1)We spent more time driving on the Thanksgiving holiday than anything else. We did get home to replenish things and exchange summer to winter clothes. We also had a nice dinner with my husbands sister and her husband. By the time we got back we were ready for a rest but the next day was back to the grind again.

2)My husbands tools were stolen out of the gang box at work. Someone had literally drilled holes into the box to get in. (This is where all of the workers put their tools at the end of the day. Each morning they reclaim their tools to start the day) They are suppose to be replacing everything that was stolen. Needless to say, the night crew was all fired.

3) When I got my laptop 4 years ago (i was shocked to realize it had been this long) Windows 8.1 was installed on it. When Windows 10 came out I was given it for free. I loaded it and everything was working beautifully until they decided to have the update on this version as well. All hell broke loose on my laptop. Needless to say I was on the phone with Microsoft for almost a week working with them. They told me I could wait for the fix or else go back to Windows 8.1. They helped me to go back to what I originally had. The only thing was, the driver for the Wifi never loaded with the program. That's all I use here so we had a problem once again. I had to find a ride to the library on two different occasions to let Microsoft get back into my computer to get the driver on. So now I am back on the air I hope for a while.

I guess this post was long enough this time. Hope all are well your way.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

We are headed home tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I have my internet off at home since we are not there. Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Be safe!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Time for an update:

Andy, thank God is getting better each day. Including his allergy medication he was taking seven different things. He is now down to three. That horrible cough is still here but getting better than what it was.

I am over my sinus infection finally.

Since we have been in this hotel room we have gotten a new fridge with a separate freezer compartment, a table and two chairs, (did not have one in here) a new monitor heater/ac. The microwave groans once in a while so I am guessing it is going soon too. I was told at the office they are face lifting this place starting this month. I have not seen anything going on yet. This over haul is suppose to take two years total. Please don't get my wrong. It sounds like this place is a dump but it really isn't. It is unusual for someone to come and stay in the same room for a long time. Normally when the room is vacant everything is turned off. 

I hope I don't jinx my hubby by writing this. He is the only one that has stayed well since we have been here.

We are planning to go home for a couple days around Thanksgiving to take our summer clothes back home and restock for winter. I have been buying things here and there to keep warm so far. Our coldest morning was 12 degrees a couple days ago.

Friday, November 10, 2017

What an ordeal! As I said on my last post my birthday was on the 8th of November. I turned another decade. That 60 mark is close to retirement age and social security and then medicare. I think that is why it bothers me so much. You really are considered a senior citizen. Now with all that said let me tell you about my day:

I got up as usual in this hotel room and got the coffee brewing and the hubbies lunch made and finally got him out the door for work. Next it was the cocker-spaniel's turn. I fed him and gave him his allergy pill as usual. An hour later my day changed drastically. My Andy threw up all day long and then developed a cough.  Of course we don't have a vet here since we are just staying for work so it was off to the animal hospital. (My hubby walked in the door from work seeing me clean up yet another mess). I got on the phone and found an animal hospital about a half an hour away. Now since the time has changed it was pitch black out. My GPS on my phone didn't tell us about all the construction so we had a lot of turn arounds but we finally made it there. When the vet checked him over she asked us if he had been around any other animals. Of course! Where we are staying they had a huge dog show down the road this past weekend. A lot of the people stayed at the hotel where we are with all their animals. I am talking from Mastiff's to little ones. Anyway, by the time we came out of there Andy was given a shot for the nausea thank goodness and 4 scripts. Yesterday we had to go back over there again and get a cough suppressant because the cough was getting worse. He is slowly mending. My husband had planned for us to go out to a nice dinner for my birthday but by the time we got back to the room it was past 9pm. He had to get up at 4:30am the next morning and get to work again. Neither one of us had eaten anything but were very tired so we just went to bed. ( earlier in the day before all this happened I had treated myself to a breakfast for my birthday from Friendly's next door. I didn't get but a quarter of it down before all this started. Needless to say it ended up in the trash.) I don't think I will be forgetting this birthday too soon. Do you?