Wednesday, April 20, 2016


My grandmother on my fathers side of the family was quite a hard working woman. She would get up early every day and milk the cows, weed the garden, do laundry and then do her own household chores. 
I can still remember some of the things she would say to us. I never liked the crust on bread so I would just peel it off. She would get upset each time and tell me "You will never have curly hair unless you eat the crust." My hair has been naturally curly my whole life. As I grew up I realized what she was trying to say to me "waste not, want not."
Another one of her quotes was "If you keep your eyes crossed they will stay that way." As typical kids we would always try something at least once that we were told not to.
My grandmother always had the attic door locked and walked around with the  key pinned to her dress. I remember once the door was ajar and a couple of us started up those stairs just to see what was up there. We didn't get far and we heard "The jelly man is up there and if you go up there he will put jelly all over your hair." Don't ask me why it scared us not to continue up those stairs. We never did find out what was up there.
Now when I look back, I am guessing she used the space as storage that she didn't want us kids  rummaging through. Do you remember any quotations that you grew up with?
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  1. I'd be VERY curious about what was in the attic... I'd be Pandora.
    My father would say: If you haven't seen it before, throw a rock at it.
    My mother: Don't let the b**tards pee on your bound posts.

    1. LOL. One of my sisters swear she heard dragging noises up there but a child's imagination can go crazy you know.

  2. LOL with the quotes our moms would use. I know one of my mom's favorite ones was "don't go outside with wet hair, you'll get a cold."

    I too am curious what might have been in the attic.


    1. The wet hair thing I have heard so many times before too. Oh my! And as far as the attic I have a sister that swears she heard dragging noises up there too but a child's imagination can run wild.

  3. enjoying your short and sweet posts! fun little tidbits letting us get to know you. Jelly man, ha! both of my grandmas had some funny quotes. One was when she got out the lettuce - "Lettuce, Turnip, and Pea." So silly!

    happy a to z-ing!
    The Really Real Housewives

  4. Thea,

    I bet Bonni will still swear to this day that there were clanging chains in that attic. LOL. We should have went on up there and taken a look. But I'm with you, it was probably storage she didn't want us kids rummaging through.

    I'm not sure why the jelly man scared us either but kids are impressionable. If you remember he lived outside the wash house too. Hee...hee...
    She didn't want us in there either.

    Happy memories.


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