Friday, January 26, 2018

More Ramblings From Room #115

It is gorgeous out there today! Our snow is almost gone now. The weather man swears we have one month left of winter even though the natives here say that is not true.

I have been able to wrote a little on my next novel. It is slow going but still coming along nicely. This next one if I did not mention it before is a Western with a bit of mystery in it as well. After my first book being a child's fantasy, I wanted to see if I could change genres. So far, so good.

My Andy is still under the weather. I have rescheduled his grooming several times now. The groomer we have been using went on vacation for two weeks to Florida. When she got back we had to reschedule again due to illness. Poor Andy, his fur is so thick. I am thinking maybe that is why he doesn't feel so great.

My hubby came down with some sort of bug. Thankfully the doctor we had prescribed us both antibiotics before we left to go out of state. The prescription Mike has is very strong. 875 mg per capsule and taking it two times a day. He couldn't take it any longer than two days because it upset his stomach so bad. But the good news is he got a lot better fast. Now is that lingering cough.

I had to have the mattress changed in our room. The other one was quite worn out and just kept getting worse. The one thing about this place is the way they do their best to work with you. I have made friends and will miss them when this job comes to an end. I will stay in touch with a few of them. They are added in my phone. I am not sure where the next job will be yet. I just will be glad to get back into the short and sandal weather. Ha!

Friday, January 19, 2018

We are still here in Danville, Pennsylvania for work. This hotel room gets smaller each week. I now have a double burner in here with me to cut the cost of buying out all the time. That is just way too expensive.

Someone has been ill here it seems like continuously. My poor little Andy is sick again. Thankfully not as sick as the first time but I do have a call in at the animal hospital we used last time.

Someone finally called about an available apartment if we were interested. We have been in the hotel room for four and a half months and counting. I don't think we will be here long enough to sign a lease now. The room does seem to get smaller and smaller as the weeks go by though.

Here's my sick little boy.