Thursday, April 7, 2016


We used to own a bass boat. My husband would go out on the Saint Lawrence River every year, knowing where all the fishing spots are being brought up along the river. I went with him on several occasions and with the family dog at the time.

There are several types of fish in the area. Northern pike, perch, crappie (what we call a poor mans shrimp), bull head (catfish to those in the southern states), blue gill, walleye, and carp (our area
being the carp capital of the world with events running every year).

I told my husband as long as he could catch them I would clean them and pack them away in the freezer. It wasn't surprising to see our freezer full of crappie by the end of the season.
(photo courtesy of Public Domain)


  1. Yes, cleaning fish is not my favorite task!!

  2. I don't like cleaning fish either. Does Mike still fish?



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