Friday, April 17, 2015

The Letter "O" Orange Bag

  We lived on a share croppers cotton farm. Anyone that has chopped or picked it knows what hard work that is. I was too small to use the Croker sacks the adults used to drag down the cotton rows to pick the cotton. Daddy would get big bags of oranges from time to time and that is what I used to pick cotton in. I would sit down on my grandmothers Croker sack and she would drag me along isle after isle picking cotton. She would pick up high and I would pick the ones down low. I was no more than five years old at the time. I was so proud of myself when I got the bag so full you couldn't put any more into it, that is until I saw their bags full.


  1. Thea,

    Cute story. I bet not many people have done that.



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