Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Letter "L" Livestock

When I was little I never knew how many different kinds of livestock are out there. When my siblings and I were kids out on the farm all we had was beef cows and brahma bulls around us with the exception of two milk cows my grandmother gave names to. She would be the one to go out each morning and milk them before she started her chores for the day.  All she had to do was call them by name (Boody and Kitty-Bear) and they would come to her. I also remember my two oldest sisters being chased by a bull through the corn crop. When I got older I found out milk cows are called "Dairy" cows and the beef cows are "Hereford's " or  "Angus".


  1. Thea,

    Mamaw also had a milk cow named Virgie. That was the one that got my arm in it's mouth when Mama was carrying me across the pasture. I don't remember it, of course. Good thing.


  2. And all this time I thought a cow was just a cow. There are udder kinds? Okay, had to get an udder pun in there.

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