Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The letter "M" Measles

Don't ask me how I ended up with the German Measles out of all seven of us kids. Any child likes ice cream but to this day I can only stomach so much of sherbet. I had a fever topping out at 106 degrees. Mama and Daddy fed me a lot of sherbet trying to get my fever down, between that and the alcohol baths. I remember the blankets hung over the windows to keep the light out. I also remember when one of the siblings accidentally moved the blanket and the light was very piercing. My parents used a flashlight to check on me and bring me the sherbet. We were told how lucky I was after the fever broke to not have any damage that the fever could have caused. That is one image in my mind I will never forget.

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  1. I imagine you won't forget having those measles. You were lucky not to have brain damage from the fever.



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