Monday, April 6, 2015

The Letter "E" Earrings


There are nine places to pierce an ear. The most common being the ear lobe. Earrings range in a wide variety and sizes.
I remember when I got my ears pierced the first time. My oldest sister is very adventurous. I actually sat and let her pierce my ears at home with ice, a needle and a spool of thread to help push the needle through. First I remember my ear going numb from holding the ice on it so long. It actually didn't hurt much when the needle did go through. She never had trouble having hers done that way but later I had mine pierced several times and each time they would close. I must point out here I am allergic to metal.
My oldest sister made earrings for a time as well too. I remember loving to wear those earrings because no one else had anything like them. To this day I still have a couple pair that she made all those years ago.

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  1. Thea,

    Oh my, I remember doing that with the needle and thread. So you think I'm adventurous, huh? Hmmm...maybe I am. Either that or maybe crazy for having each ear pierced four times.

    So which earrings do you still have?



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