Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wagon Train

Series Description

Wagon Train was a 60 minute (90 minutes in season 7 only) western action series on NBC for its first five seasons and on ABC thereafter. It told the stories of pioneers travelling through the unsettled territories to reach California. Along the way they encountered "wild" Indians, cattle rustlers, con men, blizzards in the mountains, running out of water in the desert and every other hazard you can imagine. The series also often explored the motivations that caused average people to leave civilization for the unknown lives they would find in the Western United States!

Wagon Train Cast

Ward Bond .......... Major Seth Adams
John McIntire ...... Christopher Hale
Robert Horton ...... Flint McCullough
Terry Wilson ....... Bill Hawks
Frank McGrath ...... Charlie Wooster
Denny Miller ....... Duke Shannon
Robert Fuller ...... Cooper Smith
Michael Burns ...... Barnaby West


  1. Thea,

    I remember this show well. I wonder if I would have been adventurous enough to get on the wagon train in those days.


    1. I bet I could. Can you imagine the clean fresh air without all the pollution these days?


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