Monday, April 3, 2017

The Big Valley

Series Description:

The Big Valley TV show was a 60 minute western action series on ABC about a strong-willed widow who was the leader of the Barkley family on their huge ranch in a Big Valley, circa 1870. They had built a dynasty in the old west and there was a never-ending list of those who wanted to take away what they'd worked so hard to build. The bad guys saw an easy target but, little did they know just how tough the Barkley's could be!

Big Valley Cast

Barbara Stanwyck .......... Victoria Barkley
Richard Long .............. Jarrod Barkley
Lee Majors ................ Heath Barkley
Peter Breck ............... Nick Barkley
Linda Evans ............... Audra Barkley


  1. Was it a bit like The High Chaparral? I loved that, monolith and Blue!

    1. Yes it was. They were all about family.

  2. Didn't watch much of this one.


    1. I think I have seen every episode. Of course that's what I said about Gunsmoke too since we grew up with it. The other day on an old channel I saw an episode I had never seen before. What a pleasant surprise!

  3. Thea,

    I remember this show well. You'll have lots of old TV to pick from for the A to Z.

  4. I really do have some older ones coming as we go along. Ha!


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