Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quincy, M.E.

Series Description

Quincy, M.E. was a 60 minute drama series on NBC. Plot lines would begin with a death that would appear to be from natural causes. Quincy, however, would notice something that would cause him to suspect foul play. Then he would changes roles from Medical Examiner to detective and solve the murder that was "unseen" by all others. Quincy's boss would always get upset believing that Quincy was seeing evidence that didn't exist. The police department didn't care for him
"shouldering-in" on their territory either! That didn't even slow him down in his quest to solve the crime!

Quincy, M.E. Cast

Jack Klugman ........ Doctor Quincy
Robert Ito .......... Sam Fujiyama
John S. Ragin ....... Doctor Robert Asten
Val Bisoglio ........ Danny Tovo
Joseph Roman ........ Sergeant Brill
Garry Walberg ....... Lieutenant Frank Monahan
Diane Markoff ....... Diane
Lynette Mettey ...... Lee Potter
Anita Gillette ...... Doctor Emily Hanover


  1. That was a fascinating show to watch.


  2. Can you imagine all the dialogue he had to remember, scientifically speaking that is? Oh My!

  3. Thea,

    That was a good one for "Q."


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