Friday, May 20, 2016


I was all prepared this morning to make it to the cemetery to clean headstones before Memorial Day and our daughters birthday.
You know how some times you get started on a project and something else comes up? Well, today was my day for that I guess. 

I left the house fairly early to run by the bank and the post office before my cleaning project. When I got to the bank I noticed someone had set up an easel and was painting one of the buildings on the main street. I just had to go over and take a peek and of course that led to a long conversation. This man is one of the local artists in town. He says when he gets the urge to paint something he just sets up and gets to work. I will try to get one of his finished paintings to post here some time in the future. He would not let me take a picture of him painting. 

While I was talking to him I noticed a Gallery had opened up on the main street as well. I just had to run in and take a peek. That lead to more conversations and just before I left there the man that let me do my book signing on my first book in his business establishment walked in and we talked a while. By this time it was getting close to lunch and I knew I had better get to the cemetery before it got any later so off I went with my pail, scrub brush and baking soda. (baking soda is very good in cleaning head stones).
I finally got it finished and then came home to vacuum, sweep,and mop plus a few loads of laundry.

How was your day?


  1. Your day sounds more interesting than mine. I made my commute to and from work, clocked in my eight hours. Got everything accomplished I needed to. Ran errands on the way home. Came in, got comfy, fixed me a drink and became a couch potato. It's been a hard week. Will make us a breakfast supper when we start to get hungry.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  2. Wow, Thea, at least you got out and about. I think it's nice to get out and talk to people. I don't think you do that often enough, so I'm glad you got curious, which led you off the beaten path for a while. You still accomplished everything in the end. That's what counts. It's too bad the guy wouldn't let you take a pic of him painting.

    1. I am going to go and take a picture of one of his paintings here in a business where he has one displayed and use it for a later post here.

  3. This might be funny to say, but it was neat that you decided to spend some time with the living rather than spending all your time with the dead and you still accomplished that which you wanted to do. To me, I think it was a win/win day :)

    I worked my usual 8 hours, but I tell you about 4:30 (I finish at 6 o'clock) I was just done with it all. I type medical reports from what the doctors dictate when they see a patient or perform an operation. I got challenging doctors one after another after another. I was very ready when 6 o'clock rolled around to call it a day and especially glad it was Friday :)


    1. I often wondered about that kind of job.....isn't that strange that now I know someone who has it?


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