Saturday, May 14, 2016

I am thoroughly disgusted. My computer was down and I didn't get to post on the Reflections list. I am going to post mine on my blog anyway.

My Reflections on the A-Z Challenge of 2016

This was my second year of participating in this contest. I thought
I would do something a bit unusual this time and try the "Theme"
posts, using the word "Family". As it turned out I really had a great time.
I was afraid all those q,v,x,y and z letters would be hard but once I
started, I really enjoyed  it. It's a good thing my family is so large. Ha!

As for followers, I didn't have many but I did pick up two new ones. I am grateful for that. I do intend on coming back and checking blogs throughout the year and can't wait for next year. Hmmmm... should I enter the theme post again or do something every day? We shall see
I want to thank you all for putting this on each year. Soon though I will run out of space for the badges. Not sure what to do about that.


  1. I think you did execellent, Thea! Especially considering that this was only your second year! I want to go back and read more of your family posts as I get time.
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Thank you for the kind words Barbara.

  2. I remove badges if I need to. I thought you had a good theme and did great with it! Sometimes it is good to have a theme to help think of what to write. I have done picture themes last 3 challenges, not sure which way I will go for next year's challenge.


  3. Well Betty at least we have a whole year to come up with an idea, huh? Thank you for a faithful follower too.

  4. Thea, you did fantastic with it this year! I'm very proud of you and so glad you had fun in the process. Those Q,V,X,Y,Z letters scare all of us so you're not alone.

    We do have a whole year to get ready for the next one, but I really think I'll write a post as I think of something all year long, so I'm not so rushed next year. I guess we'll see. That's usually famous last words from me. LOL


    1. You did great too Sis. Trying to find the time with your whirlwind life is amazing.


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