Monday, September 24, 2012


                                               Pepé Le Pew
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Most folks see them either on the sides of the roads or on a cartoon on television. We got a very close experience of many of them.
In the northern states the cellars or basements close off the bottom of most of the houses. Those little devils found a way to dig down enough to get under the floor of the apartment. This was in the middle of winter so we had to wait until spring  for them to leave. It was terrible. Every time you walked across the floor you could hear them thumping along under your feet.
We were told several ways to get rid of them. Our first try was to pull up the edges of the carpeting and drill holes into the corners of the hard wood floor. Once that was done we poured ammonia down those holes. I can tell you it does not work! The only thing this did was to make them mad and then you would get that awful aroma after.
Next thing on the list was to crush up a bunch of glass and put it around the perimeter so when the skunks would come back after their feedings; it would discourage them from going back under the house. It DID NOT work! Those little critters are very stubborn!
Once my husband caught one of the skunks coming out and shot it! Well; that was one less skunk BUT his shoes were never worn again from the smell after burying it. The grass was covered with the smell. We finally got it off his pant legs. This was in the very early spring.
The last thing we tried was to take pressure treated wood and dig down six feet to place it. We never had another problem. I must tell you though; I almost washed all the paint off the walls trying to get rid of the smell out of the house .
Has anyone else had any experiences with skunks? I would love to hear it.

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