Monday, September 10, 2012

Childhhood Pranks

I am sure everyone has their own tales to tell on their childhood. Mine is no different. I wanted to share with all of you some of the things us siblings went through under my oldest sisters mischeviousness.
Sunni (her name was Vicki back then) had a wild imagination. We didn't have much entertainment stuck out on that farm so I look back and see why she did some of this stuff and laugh about it now.

One of the first things I remember her doing is drawing a hatchet out of paper; coloring it and then cutting it out. She also drew a hand. The boys were always the ones that would end up usually with one of these under their pillow. Of course it came with a horror story if you were the one with it. We were always careful to draw the covers back slowly just in case it was under our covers or pillow. Some of her characters she made up was Mr. Pumperknickle and Mr. Egghead.
Have you ever had to eat or drink something that was just horrifying just to look at? Well; leave it to Sunni; she came up with stuff like this too. I can't remember why she singled us out but I remember getting it twice. Once I had to eat a concoction of mustard and ketchup stirred up together. On another occasion I remember her having me drink chocolate milk with raw figs in it. Back then our grandmother had a fig tree and we were always grabbing the figs off of it and eating them. By this time I was so sick of those things and somehow Sunni knew this. I will never in my lifetime ever eat a raw fig again!
There was a time when she would draw and color all kinds of pills out of papaer and she would make up some illness that we had and we had to eat those things. Don't ask me why we always went along with what she said. I guess since she was the oldest out of 7 of us we figured she knew what she was talking about.
I remember another time when there was a huge ladder laying on the back porch. She told me once I had to jump in the rungs without touching any sides and jump to the end of the ladder. If you touch anything while doing this something unGodly was suppose to happen. I am sure my other siblings can remember other things she put them through as well.

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