Monday, September 17, 2012

Entertainment on a Cotton Farm

We lived a few miles from town but we never got there but every 6 weeks. I remember when we did we would all load up in the back of the old red truck and away we would go. Everything looked so fascinating to us.  The Duke and Ayers store (five and dime) was always fun to look in. One time our sister Bonni picked up a pair of those pink handle plastic scissors and started cutting the back of our mothers dress while she walked around. Needless to say; that was quite a while before we got back into town again.

We had that long driveway at home and we would drive our bicycles or scooter to the end and count to a certain color car went by and them we could ride back. Taking turns of course.

There were two old junked cars sitting under some china berry trees. We would crawl on our hands and knees over the tops of the cars and pretend we were on the road and had to stay on our side of the car. Now those china berry trees were something else! Have you ever had china berry fights? Well I can tell you it just plain hurts to get hit by one. We would grab old tin cans and fill them up and then look out! The fight was on!

Do any of you ever remeber making mud pies? My mother threw out an old frying pan and us kids took it to play with. We would gather up hand fulls of dirt and sift it through some chicken wire until it was real fine. Then we would add a little water to it and make patties and pretend we were cooking burgers.

Running across the cotton rows before the plants came up was another thing that was fun. But don't let Daddy catch you doing it! If you accidentally missed the inbetween parts in the rows and he saw it; you were in big trouble.

I remember my sister Tedri and I had a coloring book and colors. We would study the picture real good and then turn the lights out and color to where we thought the things should be. After wards the light would come back on and we would laugh at how crazy the picture looked. Later we would judge who did the best job.

I hope you enjoyed some of this stuff we would come up with to entertain ourselves. There are many more tales and it wasn't always fun. Picking cotton wasn't easy either.

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