Thursday, June 1, 2017


Most people when they hear the word "house cleaning" try to put it off for as long as they can. I guess I came from a different mold. I would rather clean house than cook or wash dishes or even do laundry. I know it is just rinse and repeat like anything else us ladies do each day but it is my favorite of all of the tasks. As I have said in an earlier post, I used to house clean years ago. Most of the clients I had are no longer alive. I did manage to contact one of them for a reference. The woman told me she would give me a glowing report and was glad to hear from me after all these years.

The location where we live is a very small community. They still call it a village instead of a town. The outskirts of this place is called a town so there are two different types of taxes. Even the bank here still have those steel bars in place in front of the tellers. Anyway now I am off the beaten track.
(Some day I will drag out pictures and post them on here)

One lady in the village has the monopoly on the house cleaning jobs. The first thing I did was to call her. She is no longer taking any new clients because she just can't handle any more people. (by the way, this is a tourist, retirement community). She was going to send the over flow to me. I did get one elderly couple that I went to see and set up an appointment to clean their two story home. Before the appointment got here she came by the house and rescheduled due to family coming for the Memorial Day weekend. Yesterday she was at my door again cancelling the cleaning job all together. Her husband is on hospice and after the confusion over the holiday he is not doing so well. Of course I understood and thanked her for letting me know. (Now I am back to no one again.) I re-called the gal that has the monopoly on the house cleaning. It was like I had talked to her for the first time. Sigh....
All I wanted to do was to make a little extra cash to help out. No telling what the future holds in this department in the future. More on this later I guess. By rereading this it looks like I was venting. I guess we all have to from time to time.


  1. I think if you know people in your village as you see them, casually mention you clean houses. Maybe you can get the word out that way. Or see how much it costs to advertise in the paper if you guys even have a paper. I feel your frustration, going through similar trying to find a new job.


    1. Thank you Betty as always for your suggestion and comment. There is a very small paper about 25 miles from us.


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