Saturday, May 20, 2017

Remodeling.....It sounds exciting for someone when the job is done, doesn't it? Well, in a past post I have told you how we finally sold my mother in laws house. The people that bought it is a young couple. They are very nice. With that being said, let me tell you what they are doing with the house. My hubby and I didn't want to see the place torn down but it was badly in need of repair. We got lucky. This couple is completely re-gutting the home. The only thing they are not replacing is the shell of the house. Here is one of the rooms they have gutted out. I will show you the before and now the torn out version. I can't wait to see what the finished product will be. The young woman has told me her plans for it and I will take pictures as they go. The picture below is when we were removing everything from the home right before it was sold. ( More on all of this again later.....)


  1. It should be fun to see the finished project. Its nice you're able to be "part" of it when they share their efforts with you. We spruced up hubby's parents' house before we sold it. Basically move in ready. We haven't been back to the area since but wonder if they did anything different with the front yard (we had it landscaped, not the back), etc.


  2. I bet you are curious to see what they did. It is amazing how some people can come up with certain ideas that you never even thought possible.

  3. This is cool! Can't wait to see what they do. I gave my son my childhood home. I wish he had remodeled, but he has chosen to replace instead.
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  4. From what the girl told me it will really be cute when she is done.


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