Thursday, September 1, 2016

Labor Day

I don't know about you but my hubby has a 4 day weekend coming up. Unfortunately we will probably be spending it taking the rest of the things out of my mother-n-laws house so the realtor can finally take over. With September upon us now I am expecting folks to find a place to burrow in for the winter. Cross your fingers this place gets sold soon. This picture was taken right before the realtor was called. (That's hubby in the picture)

As I said in an earlier blog, I am sanding down an antique chair and repainting it. When the finished product is ready I will show you the before and after picture.

Happy Labor Day!!


  1. It looks like a cute house. If it is priced right, it should sell quickly. I found when we were looking at houses, houses that were priced right would sell sometimes the same day they were listed. Good luck with it! It took about 3 months to sell hubby's parents' house. He had several offers on it but they were lower offers than he wanted to consider (honestly I just wanted it sold so I would have taken the offers) but he was patient and actually got a good offer (but then it was in the house buying time of the year, not sure how it is where you are at.


  2. Betty, there are so many houses in this area for sale it is terrible. This house is what you would call a "turn around". BUT you can live in it while fixing it up which is unusual. The sign goes up this week. As soon as this thing gets sold I am hoping to relocate by my family for a change.

  3. Thea,

    That house is cute and doesn't look near as old as it is. I think it has nice curb-appeal and that's important for a quick sale. But I know winter is coming there and probably won't be a lot of people wanting to move if it doesn't sell right away. I'm crossing my fingers for you because I know how badly you want to move.

    Happy Labor Day yourself. We're grilling hamburgers later.



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