Sunday, September 11, 2016

Canning season is upon us once again. I didn't know whether we would be here for that this year or not so I didn't prepare for it.  The house project went a lot slower than planned so here we still are.

My sister-in-law has been doing a lot of canning this year as usual. I went with her on a few trips to the Amish for fresh veggies. I honestly don't even know where my "canner" is at so I asked Minnie if we could do them at her place. She has the perfect set up for it. She loves to can so she told me to go home and come back later. The following pictures are of her getting the tomatoes ready for canning and the finished product. (22 pints)


  1. Lots of hard work, but bet it tastes good!


  2. I agree with Betty. That's a lot of work but probably worth it or she wouldn't do it every year.



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