Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year All! Can you believe it is 2018 already? The time sure flies. We have been in the hotel room for over 4 months now. I think i have the floor tile imprinted on my brain at this point. Ha!

There are so many nice people here. I have gone around and gotten pictures of them for a keepsake. Some I have on Facebook and the one gal I really like is in my contact list on my phone. However there is an exception here. One woman I just can't get along with.  I hear she doesn't like it because we should be in building number two with all the other travelers. I didn't ask to be in building one. I was assigned that when I made the reservations months ago. I have always gotten along with anyone generally I come in contact with but this one. I am trying to keep my cool about it all but she does try my patience. And to think she has worked at the front desk for years. Oh my! She is definitely not a people person. It is sad too. We could have been friends as well.

Sorry I never got on here for Christmas. The WiFi in this room is to be desired. We ended up staying here and not going home. Mike only had two days off and one was Christmas. Same with New Years. Right now the poor man is getting over a horrible head cold. The place he works in is about 15 degrees cooler than outside. We are one of those states that has had that really bad cold snap. And we still are. It got up to 13 degrees today. We do have snow on the ground. About two inches while others got feet. It could be worse.

I hope to post more in the new year. Be safe out there if you travel.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Trials of Room 115

You just would not believe what all has happened since Thanksgiving. Let me try to wrap it up as easy as possible:

1)We spent more time driving on the Thanksgiving holiday than anything else. We did get home to replenish things and exchange summer to winter clothes. We also had a nice dinner with my husbands sister and her husband. By the time we got back we were ready for a rest but the next day was back to the grind again.

2)My husbands tools were stolen out of the gang box at work. Someone had literally drilled holes into the box to get in. (This is where all of the workers put their tools at the end of the day. Each morning they reclaim their tools to start the day) They are suppose to be replacing everything that was stolen. Needless to say, the night crew was all fired.

3) When I got my laptop 4 years ago (i was shocked to realize it had been this long) Windows 8.1 was installed on it. When Windows 10 came out I was given it for free. I loaded it and everything was working beautifully until they decided to have the update on this version as well. All hell broke loose on my laptop. Needless to say I was on the phone with Microsoft for almost a week working with them. They told me I could wait for the fix or else go back to Windows 8.1. They helped me to go back to what I originally had. The only thing was, the driver for the Wifi never loaded with the program. That's all I use here so we had a problem once again. I had to find a ride to the library on two different occasions to let Microsoft get back into my computer to get the driver on. So now I am back on the air I hope for a while.

I guess this post was long enough this time. Hope all are well your way.