Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I was really surprised to see how big Halloween is here in Pennsylvania. Sadly I won't get to see the little ones trick-or-treat this year. They are always so adorable in their little costumes.

Monday, October 23, 2017

I have just gone through a nasty week. I don't like to wish my life away but I hope that black cloud moves forward to someone  else. Ha! 
A week ago last Sunday my dog came down with diarrhea. It just kept steadily getting worse as the day wore on. (I can't change anything in his diet or he really gets deathly sick) I have to give him his allergy meds with a bite of a hot-dog. He usually eats the
Oscar Meyer brand. When I went to the store the week before they didn't have any on the shelf. So I decided just to grab another brand. Hot-dogs are hot-dogs right? I was so wrong! I had to end up calling the vet. I had to boil chicken in the electric frying pan I got for the room and mix it with rice to feed him that for three days. Now I must say this, every time his stomach gets thrown off from anything he breaks out in bumps on his back. Therefore here I am again giving him antibiotics to get rid of that. 
Now it's my turn:
After getting up at a Godly hour during the night to let Andy out (I sweat a lot from hot flashes) I caught a chill It was cold enough to see your breath. When I got up on Monday morning I was so sick. I called my doctor right away and he immediately called me in the Z-pack. (antibiotic). Two days later I called them back and they prescribed a cough medicine. I sounded like I was ready for a pine box at this point. She even told me so on the phone. Here I am at day seven now (5 days on meds and 5 days off) and I still have a touch of this stuff but much better. I am ready to empty the 2nd bottle of cough syrup. I might have to get 1 more. My sinuses are so messed up where my nose bleeds now when I blow it. At least that pine box can wait a while longer.
Now hubbies turn:
He woke up with a toothache and swears he can't miss any work. So I have a call out to the doctor's again (God bless him for working with us out of state). 
I think it is time for a good week. Don't you?

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Update here:

Well here we are five weeks into staying into a hotel again. Did I tell you we accidentally ended up getting a handicapped room? When I first called for this place I asked for a fridge , microwave and a king size bed. Well I got them all alright. Ha! The girl that made the reservation for us gave us a really good deal too. We don’t pay the usual price so we decided just to stay in this room.

The shower was the first thing to get used to. It is a roll-in one. A person with a wheel chair would just roll in it and seat himself on the chair in there and then take the shower. It has two shower heads. One of the original ones and then the hand held one. I have gotten to where I really like the shower though once I got used to it. You don’t step over a tub and I found out I can bathe Andy in it really easy. I don’t like the looks of the tile in the bathroom so I have taken it upon myself to get the floor scrubbed. We are going to be here for quite some time so I want the thing really clean when you step out of the shower curtain. Since we are a regular they come in every three days to clean the room. But I do get fresh towels every day. Most of the girls here are really nice. The guy that runs the management part of it is younger than me.

I finally bought a electric frying pan to cook in the room occasionally. We are so tired of the same stuff from the restaurant next door. Once in a while though we have an Italian place down the road deliver.

I walk around this place five times every day no matter what the weather does. Plus I go and visit with the help from time to time and of course all the times I walk Andy.

I do miss home though because these four walls get smaller and smaller as the weeks go by. We are hoping to get home for Thanksgiving at least. But the other day Mike came home and said he may have to work the day after Thanksgiving. I hope he takes that day off so we can go home and get some winter clothes too. Otherwise I will be on a shopping spree I really can't afford right now. I brought all sorts of clothes for him not knowing what all the job entailed. More on all this later I guess.........

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I hope I have not posted these before. I got first place ribbons on there at the fair years back. Thought I would share them with you. This is cross stitching: