Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When it rains......It Pours.......

I must share with you what happened to us over the holiday weekend. On May 28th this past Saturday we got up as usual. Once my feet hit the floor I am usually non stop on the go most of the day. I still wasn't up to par when i had gotten up. The day before I had a really nasty vertigo attack. My husband said he was going to do nothing but be lazy over the holiday so after coffee he sat in front of the television. We were suppose to go that evening to a bar-b-que but decided against it since my head still wasn't right.

I sat down to watch television with my hubby when all of a sudden the television (Direct TV)went out giving us that awful code we had been dealing with for quite some time. Code "775". This means the television was not getting a signal from the dish.

By this time we could smell something burning. Mike ran outside to check on the dish. The last time the "Direct TV" folks were here they had replaced the whole cable underground to the house. They connected the cable to the side of the deck. White smoke was billowing from the deck. You could tell something was burning. The spigot on the outside hasn't been hooked up yet for the hose so I was running around like a mad woman filling anything I could get my hands on with water. We finally managed to contain the fire. Now Direct TV is investigating the issue. I have to have a forum filled out by the fire inspector even though we put the fire out ourselves. I have a stack of things to do before we can get the cable back on. They say 4-6 weeks. In the mean time my husband has temporarily run a cable cord to the dish so we can watch television. (The Direct TV people said that was fine, they just couldn't do it until everything is resolved).

Mind you, I had planned to stain this deck now I have to wait.
All I can say is thank God we didn't go to that cook out after all and were home.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day and A Very Special Birthday

Thank you to all our service men out there for their service. The ones that are alive and passed.

Memorial Day is always a sad time for me, especially when it falls on our daughters birthday. We lost our daughter in 1988 on Memorial Day. The hurt never goes away. We love you baby!

(I have had bouts of vertigo lately so have not posted much)

Friday, May 20, 2016


I was all prepared this morning to make it to the cemetery to clean headstones before Memorial Day and our daughters birthday.
You know how some times you get started on a project and something else comes up? Well, today was my day for that I guess. 

I left the house fairly early to run by the bank and the post office before my cleaning project. When I got to the bank I noticed someone had set up an easel and was painting one of the buildings on the main street. I just had to go over and take a peek and of course that led to a long conversation. This man is one of the local artists in town. He says when he gets the urge to paint something he just sets up and gets to work. I will try to get one of his finished paintings to post here some time in the future. He would not let me take a picture of him painting. 

While I was talking to him I noticed a Gallery had opened up on the main street as well. I just had to run in and take a peek. That lead to more conversations and just before I left there the man that let me do my book signing on my first book in his business establishment walked in and we talked a while. By this time it was getting close to lunch and I knew I had better get to the cemetery before it got any later so off I went with my pail, scrub brush and baking soda. (baking soda is very good in cleaning head stones).
I finally got it finished and then came home to vacuum, sweep,and mop plus a few loads of laundry.

How was your day?

Saturday, May 14, 2016

I am thoroughly disgusted. My computer was down and I didn't get to post on the Reflections list. I am going to post mine on my blog anyway.

My Reflections on the A-Z Challenge of 2016

This was my second year of participating in this contest. I thought
I would do something a bit unusual this time and try the "Theme"
posts, using the word "Family". As it turned out I really had a great time.
I was afraid all those q,v,x,y and z letters would be hard but once I
started, I really enjoyed  it. It's a good thing my family is so large. Ha!

As for followers, I didn't have many but I did pick up two new ones. I am grateful for that. I do intend on coming back and checking blogs throughout the year and can't wait for next year. Hmmmm... should I enter the theme post again or do something every day? We shall see
I want to thank you all for putting this on each year. Soon though I will run out of space for the badges. Not sure what to do about that.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there! Let me tell you about mine.
Hubby wanted to take us to breakfast this morning. Being where we live it is always a long drive to do anything. We ended up at "Ponderosa". I guess others had the same idea. We waited in line quite some time but then finally it was our turn to be seated. 
When we got up to get our food (smorgasbord) half of the containers were empty. The kitchen had not caught up with the demand. Eventually everything was filled up. The food was delicious until I found a hair in my potatoes! That did it for me.
I was very disappointed.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Have you ever heard the saying:
Orange sky in the morning, sailor take warning?
Mike husband learned that when he was in the navy many years ago. I took this picture this morning. Looks like we are in for a stormy day.

Monday, May 2, 2016

This was taken on May 1st 2016. Mama's 85th birthday. To think she was on life support less than a month ago is amazing.
Love you Mama

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Windy days

                                Wind Chills

I don't know why this year has been really terrible with high winds. It is suppose to be spring in the north-east. I still have to wear a winter jacket out when I walk my Andy. We were lucky enough to have the sun out for quite a few days. Now the rains are coming.
Are any of you experiencing these wind chills as well as me?