Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Recent photo I thought I would share. Hubby took photo so it's a bit blurry. 
By the way...almost all the books were taken in the sale. A lot of things were taken but she has so much stuff it didn't even make a dent. We are now looking for someone to take the stuff to an auction. If not that we do know someone that will come and just pack up everything and take it away. More on this later I guess.


  1. That's a good picture! Glad to hear the books went! It can be so exhausting to declutter something like this; believe you me! It took us 4 years but that's because we got tired after the initial stuff gone and just learned to live with the stuff around us. Finally before we moved to Arizona and the house was going to be fixed up to be sold, we had to get rid of all the stuff left. Had one last garage sale and then literally paid someone to haul the junk away. That made me not happy because hubby had the time before the move (like the 4 years prior) to sort through things and didn't, but in the long run it got done and the house was finally empty. It was his parents' home and their stuff so I really didn't have the "right" to be going through stuff with what to get rid of etc., which was another thing that bothered me considering I was living there. All in all, it wasn't a very pleasant 4 years, LOL, but the upside, by the grace of God, the house sold for a nice amount and we were able to then buy what we wanted, etc., so it worked out!


  2. I am really happy it worked out for you. I hope it works well with us too. I want so bad to move south next year when he retires. I have been up here for 33 years. It's my turn now. HA!

  3. Thea,

    I hope things work out too so you can move. I know how bad you want to.



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