Sunday, May 24, 2015


 My husband travels for work and we are now living in an apartment away from home. (The hotel living go way too expensive) We don't dare close our place back home because you never know how long the job will last.
Trying to equip both places to live in is quite a chore. We come back home when we can so we can tend to a few things from time to time. On those occasions I can do laundry at home and sleep in our own bed which is really nice. The weekends we do get to do this are very short. I spend most of my time unpacking, washing and repacking. It so happens this is the Memorial Day weekend. I have been sick for over a week so this back and forth does not make things very pleasant to say the least. He does get to see his remaining family though for the holiday. (Mine is 2000 miles away).
Do any of you travel out there for work also?

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